What to cook with red onion

Vegetable pizza on beet test
Avocado salad
Salad puff pastry with ham and Apple
Green salad with oranges and onions
Custom Olivier
Salad "Folklore"
Tuna salad and eggs
Uzbek salad, pilaf "Chakarov"
Pork chops
Chicken salad with avocado and persimmon
Salad "Herring po-kupecheski"
Salad-appetizer "new year's eve fireworks"
Rice in pineapple with seafood
Chicken baked with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce
Chicken with potatoes in the oven
Sandwiches eateries "Russian"
Cake appetizer with red fish
Herring in the shading of the kiwi
Salad "Confetti"