What to cook with pine nuts

Eggplant stuffed with minced meat
Roulade of pork with apples and prunes
Corn pancakes
Oranges Moroccan
Salad "Garnet bracelet"
Stewed prunes with oranges and pine nuts
Salad with walnuts, "Spring"
The squid in the marinade from the pulp of a kiwi
Pie from the pumpkin and leek
Salad "pearl of the sea"
Warm salad with chicken liver
Salad "Sharman"
Salad "Chicken liver in the nuts"
The dessert "Strawberry delight"
Salad "Tenderness"
Salad "flavors of the East in the Siberian forests"
Salad "Primula" with chicken liver
Hot appetizer of corn
Light salad
Cake Holiday