What to cook with mustard

Appetizer of herring with Apple and onion
Carp in beer
Czech potato salad
Salad with herring or Heringssalat
Salad with smoked mackerel
Salad with cauliflower "Winter"
Chicken roll with liver
Salad meat "White Mouse"
Salad "Mouse"
Onion pancakes with sausage and cheese filling
Wholemeal tartlets "Oliviero"
Homemade mayonnaise with olive oil
Eateries skewers of salmon with rosemary
Meat loaf for toast
Salad with Chinese cabbage "Paint holiday"
Eateries envelopes with beef and cucumber
Salad "funny"
Sandwiches with mackerel and spicy Apple
Pork filet Mignon with spicy pears
Pockets Turkey with raspberries
... ...