What to cook with bay leaf

Pumpkin soup with a surprise
Soup with tender dumplings
Cauliflower baked with sauce
Pilaf chicken
Cabbage leaves for stuffed cabbage for the winter
Eintopf autumn with mushrooms and bacon
Soup with spelt
Beef Cacciatore
A light soup with meatballs and vegetables
Bacon salt "Bacon Hungarian" (updated recipe)
Lagman with potatoes and tomato paste
Lagman with potatoes
Soup kharcho with walnuts
Cakes-bagels with cheese
Peppers stuffed with meatballs
Fish broth "the Ear of the cock"
Homemade soup with sauerkraut
The herring spicy salted
Soup-stew with meatballs
Butter mushrooms in a creamy sauce