What to cook with syrup vanilla

Cakes "Potatoes"
Beautician for bride
Fruit appetizer
Buckwheat buns "Snail" with dried apricots and nuts
Cake "Hedgehog"
Cocktail "Pumpkin"
Cocktail "Iron health"
Cake "Pancho"
Pancakes with caramelized pumpkin
Cake "Truffles"
Cup "Summer breeze"
Banana cookies with cinnamon
Cake "Female form"
Blueberry-raspberry ice cream with mint syrup
Biscuits-muesli with blueberry jam
Vegetable muffins with quinoa, almonds and cranberries
Candy "Mini Napoleons"
Cupcakes "Broken glass"
Cake "Hotshot"
Sly banana pie "Thanks!"