What to cook with liver turkey

Turkey liver in Chinese style
Hot "snow's liver"
A pot with the liver and mushrooms
Liver and onion under a blanket
Beef Stroganoff from Turkey liver and mushrooms
Kebab from a liver of turkeys in the peach sauce
Pechenocna "Golden fall"
Turkey liver with vegetables in a creamy wine sauce
Warm salad with liver and cherries
Salad "Tenderness"
Salad "Great!"
Appetizer "tiger captured"
Cutlets made with Turkey liver, and mushrooms
Kebabs from Turkey liver with bacon and peanut sauce
Pastida with liver and mushrooms
Pate liver
Salad of liver with pickled onions
Assorted vegetables with liver
"Underdog" from the liver of poultry in a sauce of port wine
Barbecue-Turkey liver with peaches