What to cook with pomegranate juice

Salad "Beans with nut sauce and pomegranate"
Grilled pork
Cupcake for autumn get-togethers - with poppy seeds, pomegranate, lemon zest and sprinkled with almonds
Cutlets of chicken fillet with cheese -1
Cutlets of chicken fillet with cheese -2
Cocktail "Red autumn"
Spicy pork in pomegranate juice with a magic figure
Chicken liver pate
Pomegranate syrup grenadine syrup
A Gourmet Twist
Pomegranate cocktail
The meat in pomegranate juice
Very simple, but very tasty meat
Veal chops braised in pomegranate juice
Pomegranate tea
Pancakes with cinnamon under a pomegranate sauce
Skewers of nutria
Stuffed beets in pomegranate sauce
Kosa-Krasa meat under a pomegranate-cranberry sauce with caramelized onions