What to cook with sundried tomatoes

Minions of beef with cherry confict and a side dish of zucchini with sun-dried tomatoes
Appetizer of spinach
Fish fillet with sauce "pesto rosso"
Bread in the Mediterranean
Potato peasant
"Michael Jackson" cake salted
Meat pie stuffed with eggplant and feta
Neapolitan cheesecake with tomatoes and Basil
Bread with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese
Eateries tartlets "salad"
Sea bass stuffed with vegetables with mussels and saffron oil
Puff bread
Pie "Pumpkin+meat=Love"
Ceviche of salmon and sea bass
Mexican quiche without the pastry
Fried tortellini in a rustic
Pate of beans with sun-dried tomatoes
Spaghetti with pumpkin, shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes
Appetizer cheese with sun-dried tomatoes
Bright salad with pork