What to cook with the creme fraiche

My lasagna
Chocolate mousse-cream with liqueur and mascarpone baked in cups
Quick cherry-sour cream cake without the hassle
New year's cake "Last day"
Chicken rolls in tomato-wine sauce
Cake "Chocolate delight"
Cake "Chocolate cherry tale"
Cheese filling pie "Lazy"
Caramel cheesecake mousse no-bake
Waffles "Paradise"
Cake "Five point"
Cake "Fantasy"
Stuffed cabbage with meat, mushrooms and buckwheat
Cake "Book" or "Chocolate on the boiling water"
Chocolate strawberry shortcake "Jubilee"
Muffins with cherries
Salad "Football"
Cold soup of avocado
Pasta: noodles in creamy sauce parmezanom