What to cook with anchovies

Salad "Caesar"
Hunting roll
Shrimp salad "Caesar"
Solyanka with sturgeon
Pork tenderloin with vegetable sauce with vegetables
Niçoise salad
Appetizer "Spiders"
Snack "Juicy slice"
Minions of beef with cherry confict and a side dish of zucchini with sun-dried tomatoes
Green sauce
Fish, baked with tapenade
Tomatoes stuffed with polenta
Cauliflower with shrimp Sicilian
Mousse of tuna baskets
Pizza with shrimp and anchovies
Peppers with tuna, anchovies and capers
Rabbit with peppers and pancetta
Salad "Caesar"
Fillet of Chilean sea bass with spinach and granulated fennel purée