What to cook with wholegrain wheat flour

Banana cupcake 2
Ginger-cinnamon cake with grape sauce
Whole wheat pancakes (Whole Wheat Crepes)
Pancakes "cowboy Breakfast" with quinoa
Oatmeal Apple pie and banana filling
Tortillas with cumin
Quick Irish soda bread with oatmeal
Diet oatmeal-walnut cake with pumpkin cream
Cupcake with cherries, almonds and marzipan
Pie with apricots "soul plane"
Spiced winter cake with orange jelly
Whole grain rye bread "Village"
Bread with bulgur
Whole grain bagels
Cheesecake with nectarine and Apple
Buckwheat biscuit with lentils and mushrooms
Lentils with tomatoes "severe" cakes
Crisp bread in Italian
Cookies made from whole wheat flour with rosemary
Whole grain muffins with protein cap