What to cook with kohlrabi

Korean salad "Funcheza"
Vegetable stew kohlrabi
Salad of kohlrabi
Lagman (made in Gemany)
Salad with kohlrabi
Goulash soup
Vegetarian vegetable soup with mushrooms
"Casket with a surprise" No. 2
Gratin with kohlrabi, carrots and slices of smoked pork
Potato casserole with mushrooms and kohlrabi
Salad of fresh vegetables with mustard sauce
Meat under vegetable coat
Salad of kohlrabi with apples and walnuts
Beet salad with kohlrabi and sesame seeds
Cream soup of kohlrabi
Salad of kohlrabi with tuna
Salad "Callabike"
ABC, as I understand it
Cream soup of kohlrabi with greens