What to cook with pecans

Cheese cake
Cookie jam "Gingerbread"
Salad with peppers, cheese and pecans
Pie with pecans
Salad of wild rice
Pie with peaches and pecans
Chocolate chip cookies with salt from Arman Arnala
Carrot-ginger muffins with raisins and pecans
Lean banana cake with pecans
Carpaccio goat cheese with pear
Bread with cranberries, almonds, Pecans
The pie "Tzipi"
Chocolate-hazelnut triangles
Healthy salad based on grains, fruits, and nuts
Cake "Pecan"
Pie with pears
Banana cupcakes with Nutella
Cake "Hummingbird"
Buns "Pumpkins"
Open pie with honey-walnut filling