What to cook with flakes cereal

Diet bread with bran
Dessert "Elixir of life"
Yogurt with fruit and cereal
Bread with cereal grain cereals
Vegetable gingerbread with Apple and cherry
Dietary crumble with apricot jam
Cookies 5 lean cereal with banana and raisins
Granola low calorie
Pancakes multicereal
Dessert yogurt
Biscuits "Carmelita"
Balls of broccoli with cheese
Banana-plum casserole with cheese and cereal
Cookies with chocolate coconut and berries
Multyashnye muffins with cereals
Meatballs new mnogoseriynoye
Pate herring-grass
Porridge "Good morning"
Chocolate pancakes cereal and zucchini
Hot Breakfast "5 cereal"