What to cook with narsharab

Baba Ganouj
Mussels in far East
Julien "Tales of Neptune"
Marinated chicken legs on the grill
Fish casserole with vegetables in adygeysky
Baked peppers with tomato sauce
Lamb in wine and pomegranate sauce
The miracle basket
Chicken roulade stuffed with pistachios and mushrooms
Rolls of the liver in sour cream and creamy sauce
Fillet in pomegranate sauce
Salmon with vegetables, apples and sauce Narsharab
Baked potatoes and marinated chicken wings
Chicken breast braised in wine with quince and persimmon
Unusually tasty legs
Onion stuffed cabbage with soy and Narsharab sauce
Skewers of meat and eggplant
Lamb on the grill
Tuna tempura of feta with sesame seeds
Warm salad "virgin of the sea"