What to cook with sherry

Ginger chicken in Chinese "Jiang You Ji"
Rice noodles with squid in Chinese
Fried chicken "600 years before our era"
Pork Chinese style with soy sprouts
Salad "Alexandre Dumas"
Rice casserole with meat and vegetables
Pineapple chicken
Beef with sesame seeds
Chicken with broccoli in a skillet
Soup from mushrooms
Trout "gold"
Mushrooms with garlic and sherry
Chicken with beans
Tangerine roll out puff pastry
Appetizer of squid and mushrooms "New year in Beijing"
Roast pork with a crispy crust
Meatballs "lion Head"
Beef with star anise and green rice
Risotto with fennel and asparagus
Vegetables stewed in Japanese