What to cook with maple syrup

Fruit salad
Canadian grog
Chicken kebabs with maple sauce
Potato salad with radishes
Pork chops with maple syrup
Chicken Breasts in maple syrup
Trout in spinach sauce
A side dish of fennel
Young sweet and sour potatoes with herbs
Pumpkin pie "Sweetness of the elves"
Pineapple dessert with Basil "belly Dance"
Smoked salmon with Apple and orange marinade
Salad of red cabbage with Mandarin oranges and nuts
Pie butter balls
Bubert, lemon with maple syrup
Chicken with olives, capers and tomatoes
Fruit salad in pomelo
Cake-pie "happy New Year!"
Berry cheesecake
Chicken legs "Last of the Mohicans"