What to cook with sunflower seeds

Carrot cake with sunflower seeds
Nencini suns
Salad "Versailles"
Cookies A "Snack"
Vegetables in batter with a ginger-mustard sauce
Sponge cake with rhubarb and banana
Fudge or peanut Brittle
Biscotti butter with sunflower seeds and white chocolate
Cakes"Cheese obsession"
Biscuits fried Golden grahams
Larks surprise
Cake "Krunchin-Manchin"
Salad of mushrooms
Peanut brittle (yum, yum)
Salad "Seed"
Cupcake with mushrooms and cheese
Salad "Compromise"
Dessert for dieters.
Bread with seeds for KHP
Snack with seeds