What to cook with breast of duck

Marinated duck breast
Duck breast "Ooty-Ooty"
Duck breast stuffed with apples
Duck breast salad
Carpaccio of duck breast
Duck breast with apples and oranges
"Duck hunting" duck breast with egg noodles and vegetables
Chops of duck
Fresh salad with tangerine dressing "Christmas traditions"
Duck breast in honey with cherry sauce. Option lazy
Salad "French dressing"
Duck breast
Duck breast with sauce with cherries
Warm salad of breast of duck and funchoza
Dried duck breast
Duck breast with spinach and mushrooms
Risotto with balsamic vinegar and apples
Duck with spinach and broccoli, garnished with pineapple
Duck breast in a soy-caramel sauce
Carpaccio with "foie Gras" and pears