What can you cook from miso paste

Japanese soup with Tofu
Miso soup with tofu and shrimp
Miso soup with shiitake
"Wicker" fish "Asian fantasy"
Seafood salad "No Woman, No Cry"
Salmon in Japanese style
Soup "Shiitake" with seaweed
Chicken with rice-curry-Thai
Miso soup with mushrooms
Soup "Tanuki jiru"
Ramen Vegetable
Seafood soup in Oriental style
Walnut pate with sprouts of lentils
Solyanka in Japanese
Rolls "Mistral" and the sauce Karagianis
Torikatu, with a side dish of rice
Chicken fried with miso traditionally Nagasaki
Korean miso soup with rice balls
Miso steak
Miso soup with mushrooms