What can you cook from algae

Rolls Boston and not only
Sushi at home
Maki-sushi at home
Rolls at home
Sushi rolls home
Salad with a mix of Japanese algae and wood mushrooms
Salmon in seaweed "Big fish"
The broth from kombu seaweed and dried tuna
Rolls "Dor-blue"
Rolls "Cuts"
My delicious sushi
Roulade of salmon on the base of the pancake with oranges, with a sauce of blueberry and ginger
Verrini Japanese-style "lost in translation"
Salad with rice noodles and shiitake mushroom
Vegetable mushroom soup with shiitake crisps
Norimaki with sausages and cucumbers
Salad "Delight"
Soup "Shiitake" with seaweed
Rye bread "East"