Stuffed vegetables with caps

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My and prepare the vegetables. Pepper freed from seeds and tomatoes from the pulp, which is finely sliced and then put in the stuffing. As arrive with young zucchini and squash. If stuffed onions - just clean. All vegetables (all together, even the "cover" of zucchini), except the tomatoes put in boiling salted water and plansyou not more than 3 minutes after the new boiling. By the way, putting the vegetables in boiling water and not waiting until the water boils again, put in a pan of baking soda on the tip of a knife. This helps the vegetables keep their original color even after baking.

While the vegetables are cooling, remove internal layers blindirovannye onions (for stuffing leaving only the top two layers), fry in a pan in olive oil, add to the onions sliced "inside" zucchini and all together slowly protesilaus.

The cooled vegetables filled with minced meat.

I had previously baked pork-ground, a little boiled rice, fried onions and "inside vegetables", 2 egg yolks, a little grated cheese. Salt, pepper, garlic.

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On the bottom heat resistant dish, pour 1/4 St any broth or just water. This will prevent the "drying" of vegetables. Bake in a well preheated oven (I have 190-200°C) in tech. 40-45 min.

Pysy. The onions in this mode baked Poho. It is better to cook separately from all the vegetables at 200-210C°.

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