Gingerbread house

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Before you bake the gingerbread house I had to collect a lot of information. As this is my first experience in this case is not simple. For a start, I realized that it is not necessary to make it great for beginners "bakers" better to avoid the huge sizes. The question then became how to make icing and how to paint, as I wanted to add a little color. This work is quite painstaking, but worth it. When assembling the parts immediately lifted the mood of everyone around, the kids get bombarded with questions. Begin to imagine who lives there, for whom the house is built, the overall impression is enough. Even getting a little believe in Santa Claus and the snow maiden, the feeling is beyond words. In General, positive sea, and when the kids will break it and eat I will remove everything on video. Also I want to note that the dough recipe is on our channel. I wish you inspiration and of course happiness in the New year! Pleasant to you of viewing!

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Ingredients for Gingerbread house

Step by step instruction of cooking Gingerbread house

Шаг 1

On a sheet of parchment to put the dough, cover with the second sheet, roll the dough out to a thickness of 0.4 cm to Put the stencil, cut with a knife the parts of the house. Door be removed and put next to details. The stencil you want to draw on paper and cut out.

Шаг 2

Pull the parchment with the items on the tray, to fill tightly the Windows are milled candy.

Шаг 3

Bake at 180 degrees for about 5-8 minutes, until tender. Toothpick to correct the caramel, so there was no bubbles.

Шаг 4

To remove items from the baking pan with parchment, allow to soak for 10 minutes, remove from the parchment. Allow the parts to soak for 8 hours, it is better to bake in the evening, so stick a bit dried up.

Шаг 5

Glaze paint in the brick color, to start adding orange dye, then brown, if you have originally that color, use it.

Шаг 6

White icing paint the bottom with a damp brush. Decorate the surface.

Шаг 7

Fill cornetti glaze paint cement brick mesh.

Шаг 8

Brown icing fill in the bricks, distribute the frosting with a toothpick.

Шаг 9

Draw a brown glaze door. Details need to dry, this is best done in the evening to leave a dry night.

Шаг 10

In the morning make the icing, draw a white glaze of the snow on the Windows, the doorway. Sprinkle with sugar, excess sugar will sweep away with a brush.

Шаг 11

A little glaze paint in beige color, draw out the outline of the door and draw the pen, allowed to dry for 15 minutes. Draw the snow on the door of the white glaze and sprinkle with sugar.

Шаг 12

After 30 minutes, as the snow hardens, collect box house. Apply the snow on the edge of the parts and carefully collected. In the middle at the seams, apply the frosting.

Шаг 13

On the outer corners and bottom of the house to apply the glaze, sprinkle with sugar. Leave to dry. Excess sugar carefully shake. Leave the box to dry for 2 hours.

Шаг 14

Fasten the roof with icing, propping up the bottom of the roof so as not to move out. Leave to dry overnight.

Шаг 15

Prepare the frosting, fill a pastry bag with a nozzle for leaves. Apply the snow on the roof, sprinkle lightly with sugar, give the house to dry.

Шаг 16

In the middle of the house put a small flashlight.

Шаг 17

The view from the side.

Шаг 18

The view from the backside.

Шаг 19

Bon appétit! Happy New year and merry Christmas!