Vegan pumpkin pie

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The pot pie is not a gram of sugar, butter and flour that can not but rejoice)))One of my favorite recipes, very healthy and tasty start to the day! Products measuring Cup, because no weights.

Ingredients for Vegan pumpkin pie

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegan pumpkin pie

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1)Peel the pumpkin, cut into slices and bake until soft in the oven.
2)Dates pour hot water for 15 minutes.
3)Meanwhile, using a blender turn oats into flour.
4)Grind the nuts (not too finely).
5)Now remove pits from dates and grind them in a blender (I added 2 tbsp of water) is supposed to be "pasta".
6)half a banana also turn into a puree.
7)In a bowl, combine oatmeal, nuts, date puree (leave 2 tbsp for the pumpkin filling) and a banana, mix well (I needed to zabaviti 3 tbsp of water).

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8)Take the form (I have silicone,17 cm in diameter) and put it in our dough, do not forget to form ledges.

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9)the Pumpkin out of the oven take it out and put the pie shell for 15 minutes.
10)Porirua the pumpkin with a blender.
11)Prepare 2 bowls and put in each ½ pumpkin puree. In a mixing bowl add the remaining date a lot, and the other is carob and mix well.

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12)half a banana sliced and sprinkle with lemon juice (not blackened).
13)take the pie shell from the oven, spread pumpkin and date puree, and then pumpkin-Carabobo (here you can show imagination and be creative), put in oven for 30-40 minutes.

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14)Then decorate with bananas and walnuts.

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