Chocolates handmade

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Of course, buy a ready chocolate a lot easier, but the delicious home-made chocolate, prepared with love, will not allow anyone to remain indifferent. Handmade chocolates are very tasty, soulful and very easy. And this fun activities for adults and children and unique gift I want to give all of you congratulations happy new year, all the favorite holidays and wishes all the very bright and the fulfillment of all your dreams!

Ingredients for Chocolates handmade

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolates handmade

Шаг 1

To grate cacao butter.

Шаг 2

To melt it on a steam bath, placing the pan in the pot begins to boil water so that the bottom of the container with cocoa butter does not touch the water. Lower the heat to minimum. The temperature of the cocoa butter should not exceed 40 degrees.

Шаг 3

When the butter has melted, add the pulp of half a pod of vanilla and stir.

Шаг 4

Add the cocoa mass.

Шаг 5

Mix well the compound and filled her culinary bag to make it easier to fill the molds.

Шаг 6

Weight distribution between the forms that needed to be put on a rigid stand. You can add any fillings: almonds, nuts, dried berries, candied fruit, putting them at the top and a teaspoon of lightly "protopic" in the chocolate. Allow to cool at room temperature and place in the refrigerator.