The sago pudding with peach sauce

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Sago! Here's a rare cereal, gluten free, and therefore very useful in diets, I came across recently in the sale. And an interesting recipe for it I found in an old book by Elena molokhovets in 1901. No. 1510. Slightly adapting it to our current products and measures, I still decided to make this an interesting and original pudding!! And to dedicate this absolutely unusual treat I want a great lover of all rare, vintage and original... Guess who?? No?! Then come visit and learn all about it!!

Ingredients for The sago pudding with peach sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking The sago pudding with peach sauce

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Here is the original description of the recipe: "1/2 pound belago sago to pour cold water, after 2-3 hours drain the water, strain the sago in a sieve; when the water has drained, pour in 3 cups of boiling milk, cook until done, but sago did not dissolve; in the hot mass to put the zest or anything else, then a spoonful of butter, then 5-6 egg yolks, powdered white with 1/2 Cup of fine sugar. When quite cool, put 5-6 egg-whites, stir, to shift into the form, spread fresh unsalted butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, paste in the oven or cooking on a pair about an hour."
So, prepare the necessary products, not forgetting to take our beloved sugar!

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Sago processing accelerated way, without soaking :-) (found in another recipe). Pour over boiling water, stir well (I mixed with a whisk and triturated grains with your hands is important to ensure that the grains were not sticky, and separate from each other) and drain the water. Repeat this procedure 2 times.

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Pour cereal with cold milk and bring to boil. Then add the 1st. spoon of butter and cook until thickened. I have gone 15-20 minutes.

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Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat them until soft peaks form and eggs yolks with a small amount of sugar until it dissolves.

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Slightly cooled cereal mixture and add in a saucepan the brown sugar, zest, brandy (optional - but my gift was prepared for an adult girl, so I feel like it was!)), the pounded yolks and cut into small pieces canned peaches (be sure to set aside for the sauce half peaches). Give everything a good stir.

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Gently add in the mass, in several techniques, the beaten egg whites.

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While preparing the pudding, make the peach sauce, it will add a sweet, fragrant fruitiness our meal. In a blender, chop postponed halves of peaches. In a pan pour the syrup from under canned peaches (leave some to dissolve the starch) and add sugar if the syrup is not very sweet. Heat nearly to boiling and vigorously stirring, pour the dissolved starch, and a little heat until thick and at the end add the chopped peaches. All our wonderful sauce is ready!

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Pudding decorate to your taste and serve warm, watering from the top with peach sauce. The taste and texture he has a very interesting, unusual because of the shape of the sago peas, similar to grains of cereals, we all loved it, although it was an unusual dish!