Cake "American fries"

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This recipe is a popular "potatoes" adapted to the foods available in our town, San Diego. The feature of this recipe is that it uses cookies Organic from Costco, so I can cook this cake for your favorite kids, not fearing for the chemical composition of the purchase of cookies. The powdered sugar and cocoa powder you can buy IN BULK at Sprout. Condensed milk, probably, it is easy to find. The main thing is composition in addition to milk and sugar nothing. I hope somebody this recipe is also useful.

Ingredients for Cake "American fries"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "American fries"

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Of course, for a good result in cooking need kitchen scales. So even the cheapest electronic scales can deliver exceptional use in the kitchen.
It was a digression for beginners...)
From kitchen utensils you will need scales, a big bowl, a blender and a spoon; a small sieve and spoon for ice cream - if available.

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It turns out about 20 potatoes slightly bigger than a Ferrero Rocher. The small size is also good and the fact that you can shamelessly eat the WHOLE cake yourself (itself) and give the child!
Bon appetit!