Homemade mayonnaise

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Who doesn't love mayonnaise, I looked, searched, found nothing and decided was was not put up

Ingredients for Homemade mayonnaise

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade mayonnaise

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yolks separate from proteins and whisk

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now gradually, literally drop by drop, pour in the mixture of oils and mix thoroughly

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first, mix slowly, gradually increasing the speed and number of infused oil. The main thing - do not pour all the oil at once, otherwise it will exfoliate. Somewhere in the middle of the process you can add salt and other flavorings and stir thoroughly.
Our mayonnaise is yellowish-greenish in color and consistency to resemble jelly

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When all the oil is poured and mixed until smooth, pour, again drop by drop lemon juice (vinegar ,citric acid) and stir. Do not overdo it, and then mayonnaise exfoliate