Chakhokhbili of chicken Breasts

324 - 60 минут 6 порции

A traditional dish prepared from the wild, autumn, bird (pheasant) and fried on its own fat, without adding oil. Traditional ingredients: chicken (or pheasant), tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, cilantro and coriander. Many add bell pepper, carrots, etc.

Ingredients for Chakhokhbili of chicken Breasts

Step by step instruction of cooking Chakhokhbili of chicken Breasts

Шаг 1

Cut chicken (medium pieces). I cooked with the skin, but it will be better.

Шаг 2

Vytaplivaete bacon (Chicken Breasts by themselves are dry)
Bacon spread, you can find another use for it!
For example, the poached egg with bacon!

Шаг 3

Fry our chicken in bacon grease on a larger fire.
Watch closely so as not to overheat. (here all the time with a shovel :))

Шаг 4

Add the coriander... (to taste, I got a tablespoon, a bit, as they say: - "the Amateur!"

Шаг 5

Add black pepper, grated tomatoes. Who has not, cut the tomatoes (not small but not too large). Normal winter tomatoes are hard to find, so you can use a tin of tomatoes in their own juice.
Add red chili pepper - 1 PC. If you want to go for the gusto, then 1/2 of the cut.
Simmer it for twenty minutes...

Шаг 6

Peel garlic, for those who not often steps up to the plate - do not spoil your nails, hit the butt end of the knife on the garlic and easily remove any excess.
And chop the cilantro.
Cut only the edge of the roots, the main flavor in them...
And when our dish is almost ready, turn off the heat and add the garlic.
After some time, when the heat still remains, add the cilantro.
Stir, cover with a lid and let it soak up the smells of our meal.

Шаг 7

PS If you add garlic while fighting, he just cooked, and cilantro. For each seasoning your temperature! :)
Yes! And serve better with fresh herbs, vegetables and Armenian lavash.