Greek new year cake "Vasilopita"

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The first day of January in the New year, Greece celebrates the day of St. Basil. Is the Greek Santa Claus, who gives gifts to children. It is named after the birthday cake – vasilopita. A pie baked in the New year's eve. Inside be sure to put the coin (the Greeks call it Fluri). There is a sign, whoever finds the coin will be lucky all year. Put it in a wallet that would always have money. Traditionally, the Greeks cut the cake immediately after 12 o'clock at night, but the next day at the dinner table, that would be attended by all members of the family. Mistress baptizes vasilopita with a knife 3 times and cut into pieces. First to God, second to our lady, the third for Saint Basil, a fourth for the home, and other family members. Greek holiday bake pie is a snap. I present to You a recipe that I have already 12 years, although really recipes Vasilopita not considered.

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