Salads cucumber “train”

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Children, as a rule, indifferent to salads, but unusual toy making gives them an interest in what's inside. My son eats very little, but the salads in the "train" he really liked it, and he ate at least three tablespoons of each ( for five it's a lot). The remaining salads serve adults – they like it too.

Ingredients for Salads cucumber “train”

Step by step instruction of cooking Salads cucumber “train”

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1. Salad “Cole slaw”: soak raisins in hot water, cabbage, finely chopped, carrots and apples to grate on a medium grater. Mix mayonnaise with mustard and lemon juice. In a large bowl, mix cabbage, carrots, Apple, raisins, salt and pour a mayonnaise-mustard dressing.

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2. Salsa from tomatoes and cucumbers: tomatoes place in boiling water for 30 seconds, drain the water, allow the tomatoes to cool and remove the skin. Cut in half and remove the seeds. The flesh cut into cubes. Cucumbers wash and cut into small cubes. Mix mayonnaise with yogurt and season the salsa. Season with salt to taste.

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3. Salad of radishes: radishes finely chopped, dill, finely chopped. Mix mayonnaise with sour cream and fill the resulting sauce salad. Season with salt to taste.