Cheese croutons

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Fast, easy, tasty and sayare) - here is a brief description of this recipe! I want to share my recipe of cheese toast. Look through all the recipes croutons - this is not found, and it is literally 20 minutes! Suitable for both children and adults! Come on, have a treat!

Ingredients for Cheese croutons

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese croutons

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Offer You the recipe of cheese toast! cook them for a long time, they turn out tender and tasty. I have to say that I try all the dishes prepared for my family to do less (or no) fat. Why would our body excess fat?
Mayonnaise so I always try (when possible) to replace sour cream. Compare the average fat content of mayonnaise 65-80%, and sour cream 15-20%.
how mayonnaise is absolutely necessary.
So I offer You the recipe for their croutons on the basis of sour cream.

Slice the loaf.

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Grate cheese on fine grater.

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So it turns out) But can be slightly larger)

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Whisk two eggs. Without fanaticism. Just prisolit - but that povkusu, because the cheese itself is salty product.

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Add the eggs, sour cream. Mix well.

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Add the grated cheese. Mix well.

Optionally, you can add a clove of garlic.

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Roll the slices of bread in the mixture.
If the mixture is thick enough to spread with a spoon on the bread, put the filling down in the pan, pour put spoon the mixture.

Fry on both sides in oiled pan.
I have a ceramic pan, so I lightly lubricated with silicone brush (literally a drop of oil).

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Fried quickly and it turns out quite a lot)

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Bon appetit!