Cake with oatmeal and acidophilus

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Saw this recipe in a TV show. Decided to try to cook, but since the exact proportions did not know, did everything by eye. For Breakfast only, so ate)and a Great hearty and healthy option for Breakfast instead of pechenyuzhek (very satisfying)for both adults and children who cannot stand oatmeal as cereal. There is a minimum of sugar! (so who likes sweeter-add separately)

Ingredients for Cake with oatmeal and acidophilus

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake with oatmeal and acidophilus

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Grind oatmeal in blender to a flour

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In the ground mass add acidophilus or "snow" for a bunch. The obtained soft mass put into a form and compacted in thin layers. (because I had low form, the ratio of the warp and the filling turned out almost 1: 1))Must be at least 1 to 2:))

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Then there are two possible toppings)If you want baked stuffing, as I have, that:
Option 1. pour fruit-berry filling with sakharozameniteli and place on the base. Then, whisk "snow" with the eggs and pour them fruits/berries. and in the oven for 15-20 min at t=200 (depends on the power of the oven). Looked to get liquid Foundation and thickens.
Option 2: you can bake only the base and the filling, add the softened gelatine, to put all of this on the finished cookies in the fridge. In this embodiment, the filling will be more "harder" chtoli...