Braided cakes with green onion and egg

124 - 120 минут -

Delicious, fluffy, beautiful, rosy, Yes, they're cakes!

Ingredients for Braided cakes with green onion and egg

Step by step instruction of cooking Braided cakes with green onion and egg

Шаг 1

The dough is kneaded in the bread machine, you can also knead by hand. In the bucket put the liquid ingredients, then dry. Put on the dough mode. At the end of the mode, we get this pastry.

Шаг 2

Make filling. Boiled eggs, shred, add chopped green onion and salt to taste

Шаг 3

Divide the dough into pieces

Шаг 4

And form patties. Roll the piece of dough into the reservoir, in the middle put the filling, close the top part of the dough and begin as if "braid" of the dough, placing it on top of each other

Шаг 5

Cakes spread on a greased baking sheet, allow about 30 minutes for proofing and brush with beaten egg. Bake 20-30 minutes at t-180*C until Golden color. When ready the cakes should cover with a towel and let rest for 20 minutes.
Bon appetit!