Zucchini, roasted tomato puree, winter

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As we love fried zucchini! And really want to keep this product in cold weather! Offer a recipe. Cooking time 1 hour. Here will also share experience in the application of microwaves for sterilization of blanks!

Ingredients for Zucchini, roasted tomato puree, winter

Step by step instruction of cooking Zucchini, roasted tomato puree, winter

Шаг 1

Zucchini wash and cut.

Шаг 2

Wash tomatoes and make a puree using blender, food processor or grinder.

Шаг 3

Banks to wash and sterilize. I have to use the microwave. Wet banks put and turn on standard mode autoradiogram 1.5 minutes.

Шаг 4

Fry the zucchini on both sides in rust oil. Tomato puree bring to the boil and boil for about 10 minutes. Then in the tomato puree add 1 tsp of vinegar.

Шаг 5

Fried zucchini put in sterilized jars. Pour the finely chopped garlic, pour the tomato juice and puree. In the middle of the jars put 1 tsp of salt and same of sugar.

Шаг 6

Then have not closed the banks put in the microwave. It is important not to add the juice to the brim, because in the microwave the workpiece will boil and some of the content may spill out. I put 2 cans in 1 minute mode autoradiogram. Thus after 30 seconds open and see how things were going. If it boils, you can get it. Be sure to use oven mitts or a towel, because banks are very hot.

Шаг 7

Roll sterilized lids. Put under the blanket to cool for a day. Then it is desirable to remove in a cool place - a cellar or refrigerator. But I have had experience of the store and at home on the shelf in the pantry. Bon appetit!