Skewers of chicken fillet and hearts

66 - 40 минут -

For my debut recipe, I chose a healthy dish of chicken fillet and chicken hearts. Chicken hearts as well as fillets contain magnesium, whereby is indicated for anemia, and disorders of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to sodium, these products have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and blood pressure. They are rich in vitamins, especially group B. I would also like to note that this dish will not harm the figure, the large protein and low calorie! And it should pay attention to people with diabetes and problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Well, of course, all healthy people because it's not only healthy dish, but delicious as well!

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Ingredients for Skewers of chicken fillet and hearts

Step by step instruction of cooking Skewers of chicken fillet and hearts

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The first step is to prepare the products: wash and clean the chicken hearts from excess fat and blood vessels; chicken fillet cut into pieces the size of a hearts or a little more.

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In a container of chicken hearts and salmon fillet slices, pour the cooked marinade. Mix well and refrigerate. To start up in 30 minutes, but the longer the foods will stay in the marinade the better! Therefore, if possible, prepare everything in advance, and you can even leave to marinate overnight.

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Once the products are marinated, thread alternately with each other, the fillet pieces and the hearts on the skewers. Skewers is possible for insurance to soak some time in water if you are afraid of fire, but I that never happened, so I use dry. Lay the finished skewers across a small baking tray (if there is no suitable-size baking pan, you can take any large and covered the bottom of the special paper or foil, then sprinkle skewered kebab)

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On top of skewers with skewers before cooking I put a layer of sauce Teriyaki, Yakitori or brown of the firm "Sen Soy". This is essentially the same marinade based on soy sauce, only with the addition of, for example, sesame oil or oyster sauce. On top of the skewers can be sprinkled with sesame seeds. Again, all according to your taste and discretion!
PS I apologize for the spots on the plate)))

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In a preheated 200 degree oven put the pan. After 25-30 minutes the dish is ready! Serve hot.