Dessert "Winter rose"

117 - 40 минут 7 порции

On the Internet saw an extraordinary photo and found that it is simple, elegant, delicious and flavorful dessert! On Friday evening, after a week of work - what you need. This dessert creates a refined atmosphere of comfort and celebration! In short, I am again all excited than to share with you! Help yourself!!!

Ingredients for Dessert "Winter rose"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dessert "Winter rose"

Шаг 1

Apples sliced thin slices, I thought and took the shredder - came out very well

Шаг 2

Of water and sugar made a syrup and Apple slices prevarila portions (thin, thought to not become lumpy) for 45 seconds

Шаг 3

The dough is cut to form rectangular cutting Board and cut into strips about 2-3cm in width

Шаг 4

Put the Apple slices on the dough, slightly overlapping

Шаг 5

Gently start to fold the strips

Шаг 6

Roses I held together with toothpicks, then it was convenient to lay out on a baking sheet

Шаг 7

The pan dimmed baking paper.. the oven warmed up to 180 degrees and bake 20 minutes

Шаг 8

Spread on a dish

Шаг 9

Lightly sprinkle powdered sugar...
Help yourself!
(had to add cinnamon... now just got)

Girls! Toothpicks remove once baked!))) Now the husband was surprised "ingredient")))