Pancakes with salted mushrooms

115 - 40 минут 4 порции

Offer to diversify the classic version of the filling of rice and mushrooms savory mushrooms. Makes it a completely different taste compared to fried mushrooms.

Ingredients for Pancakes with salted mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with salted mushrooms

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1. I have always had trouble with pancake batter. So when a colleague a very long time ago gave me this recipe, which I got some good pancakes, I decided not to waste more time and products for experiments and since then only bake for this recipe. You can bake pancakes according to any recipe.

Eggs lightly beat with a mixer, add salt, sugar, milk, melted butter, beat again until the sugar is dissolved. Continuing to whisk, portions add the flour and knead homogeneous dough.

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2. Rice add water in a ratio of 1:2, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and cook under cover for 15 minutes to absorb liquid.

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3. Heated pan greased with oil with a cooking brush. Bake pancakes.

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4. Simultaneously prepare the filling. Mushrooms clear from spices, fennel (if any), a little wash. Boil the mushrooms in the milk for 10 minutes to remove the excess acid and make the taste sweeter. Mushrooms, in principle, to take is salty, not pickled! Onion cut into small dice. Fry the onion in a spoonful of oil until soft. Drain the milk with mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms into strips and add to the onions. Sauté 5 minutes.

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5. Add the mushrooms to the rice, stir and fry for another minute. The stuffing is ready.

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6. Spread 1.5 tbsp of the filling near the edge of the pancake. First wrap the hem, cover the filling, then top to close first one, then the other side of the pancake. Roll it in.