PP snack-pancake cake

98 - 40 минут 4 порции

I want You today to buy a snack cake made with oat pancakes filled with mushrooms and sauerkraut. In recent years it became fashionable to eat right, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. And thousands of people are looking for recipes that will help them abandon harmful products. My dear Plecki and Sosnicki, this recipe is for You.

Ingredients for PP snack-pancake cake

Step by step instruction of cooking PP snack-pancake cake

Шаг 1

Knead the dough for pancakes. I have oatmeal, yogurt, soda, salt, vegetable oil and water. The dough should be liquid, but not splashing. If not oat flour (oatmeal), simply grind in a coffee grinder oat flakes.
Today I am baking and the filling use vegetable oil "they"

Шаг 2

Divide the dough into 2 parts. In one part add the beet juice (fresh beet RUB on a small grater and squeeze through the cloth). Saute a little spinach in the pan (you can add a drop of oil). Add in the second part. And punching blender. As to the second part added not only juice, but spinach, the dough will become thick. Dilute it more with water on the eyes.

Шаг 3

On a hot non-stick pan with a diameter of 10cm bake pancakes and put them in a pile (which is allowed to first lightly grease the pan with oil, but in the test it enough so that the pancakes are not burnt). Out of this number ingredients I got 6 pancakes (3 of each color)

Шаг 4

For the filling, lightly saute in the pan the chopped mushrooms and onions. When onion is ready, add to the stuffing sauerkraut. Still hold the stuffing in the pan, under the lid (1-2min). Add the cream (milk or yogurt), salt and pepper to taste.
Stuffing it is better to punch in a blender to uniformity. It should be a little watery. It should be sufficient for the layers and sides "cake".

Шаг 5

Lubricates the layers of filling. Cut the edges evenly. Daubed walls with stuffing and decorate with scraps. Put into the fridge for 30 minutes. Or even a night out.

Шаг 6

Our PP snack-oatmeal-cake is ready.
The yield of finished product is 270g.
Energet. value per 100g.:
kcal 225
fats of 15.09
carbohydrates 14,55
proteins - 8,5