Crepes "Well"

99 - 60 минут 6 порции

PANCAKES WITHOUT FLOUR-delicious and easy!!! *** The well our who will look: will you Wish "they " takes and gives positive! And we bake pancakes - sunflowers gifts! Preparing for the feast and await the arrival of spring!

Ingredients for Crepes "Well"

Step by step instruction of cooking Crepes "Well"

Шаг 1

These pancakes do without flour! Pancakes on the starch out very thin, but very strong and elastic.

Шаг 2

Mix the milk, eggs, salt and sugar, beat slightly.

The amount of sugar you can increase or decrease to taste.

Шаг 3

Add the vegetable oil TM"generous gift" and continue whisking

Шаг 4

Add the starch.
Carefully beat with a mixer. The dough will be very runny - this is normal.

Шаг 5

The pan greased with a little oil TM "they"

Шаг 6

Before you score the dough every time you need to mix as the starch settles to the bottom!

Pour onto the middle of a little test (I poured 2 tablespoons) and tilt the pan to distribute batter in a thin layer across the pan. Fry thin pancakes with milk until Golden brown (1-2 minutes) on medium heat.

Шаг 7

Our beauties are ready!

Шаг 8

Onion, carrots, chicken cut into pieces

Шаг 9

Sauté the vegetables in butter TM"they"

Шаг 10

Beat with a blender until smooth

Шаг 11

Now our filling is ready!

Шаг 12

Now prepare the sauce for our pancakes

Шаг 13

In a pan boil broth, add ketchup, spices, soy sauce and "Martini" mix

Шаг 14

While stirring, pour in the oil TM "generous gift", let it sit a couple of minutes

Шаг 15

Add the semolina and stir to cook in the pan another minute

Шаг 16

Here the sauce is ready!

Шаг 17

We take our pancakes and put the stuffing on them

Шаг 18

Turn them into tubes

Шаг 19

Begin to fold the pancakes in the frame of the well. The kids love this process.. a hundred times overwhelm "frame".. paramagudi themselves and all the sour cream!
Very nice moment!

Шаг 20

Sour cream can be lubricated, not oil-as You like it... I botched assistants as to what I wanted)))

Шаг 21

Write the sour cream, the word "generous gift"

Шаг 22

Put the pancake week, tell the children a story about how
"In a fairy tale for emeli pike, and we have Mardi Gras smiles, treats, all for pancakes and festivals, invites, health people wishes, spring heralds"

Шаг 23

Then we start to take with the"log"pancakes, pour our sauce-very tasty!

Шаг 24

Help yourself!
Delicious with"generous gift"! Spring is coming!
Happiness to You forever!