A dessert of pancakes "favorite"

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Offer dessert recipe from tender, with crispy edges, chocolate chip pancakes, lavender apricot and creamy Semifreddo, topped with fragrant cocoa. Help yourselves and please favorite!

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Ingredients for A dessert of pancakes "favorite"

Step by step instruction of cooking A dessert of pancakes "favorite"

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Dessert consists of pancakes with toppings: homemade ice cream and a whole large halves apricots with lavender (jam), generously dusted with cocoa. To prepare protein custard sugar combine with hot water, stir until the sugar is dissolved, put on a small fire until boiling and evaporation of liquid samples on to a soft ball (a tea spoon to take the sugar syrup and put it in cold water on a saucer. The syrup is grasped and it is possible to roll a ball. While the syrup is cooking, take chilled whites and beat until soft peak. Ready hot syrup, immediately pour a thin stream in sbivautsa proteins, to continue the process of beating until almost completely cooled proteins. The finished cream cover with cling film and put in the fridge.

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To prepare the yolk mass in a small saucepan mix sugar powder (preferably) or finely ground sugar with the yolks, add the vanilla sugar, mix, put in a water bath, or gently cook in a saucepan with a thick bottom, to not only brew the yolks! Grind sugar with egg yolks into foam to increase in volume, thick and obtain relief strips! Time - on water bath for about 25 minutes, in a saucepan about 10 minutes, then immediately shift the prepared mixture into another bowl to stop the brewing process yolks. Connect half of the yolk mass with protein half the custard, stir until smooth (mixture No. 1).

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Whip chilled at least one day in the refrigerator the cream with the thickener for the cream, add cream cheese, whisk, add the remaining yolk to whisk, then the rest of the protein custard (if during storage in the refrigerator at the bottom of the form gathered the fluid to drain it!), mix (blend # 2).
To combine Mixture # 1 and # 2, stir, put into a form and send in the freezer for a day for cooling.

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Mix the sifted flour, cocoa, sugar, a pinch of salt, soda, vanilla sugar. Beat the eggs with milk, add vegetable oil (use butter TM Oleyna) and mix until smooth. Bake in a well heated frying pan (diameter 18 cm, the output is about 17 pancakes). The dough should have a good flow, consistency, adjust if necessary by adding milk.

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High in silicone molds to spread on the pancake. On the bottom lay a half of a whole apricot (jam infused with lavender), then fill the ramekins to the top of the Semifreddo. Send in the freezer to cool completely (overnight).

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To release the dessert from the molds, sprinkle cocoa powder on all sides, simulating a flower pot. For decoration in the flower by sticking a toothpick inserted into the dessert.