Pouches with chicken salad

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Pancake pouches filled with chicken salad, the recipe of the filling was taken from a popular us pancake house, a little proreduction it.

Ingredients for Pouches with chicken salad

Step by step instruction of cooking Pouches with chicken salad

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First prepare the pancakes.

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To make the sauce. Take the yolks and RUB them with the milk until smooth in consistency as sour cream. Add mustard, salt, sugar, and cheese. Good penetration blender. Then turning off the blender, add sunflower oil until the desired density. In the end add the vinegar.

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Here such it turns out.

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In a pan pour sunflower oil, and how to heat it. (optionally, in the oil add the seasoning for the chicken). Chicken fillet wash and dry with a towel. Fry over high heat to brown on both sides, then podsalvage diminish to the minimum the fire and close the pan with a lid. Bring the meat until done.

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Prepared fillets cut into hot.

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Pepper and chicken mode cubes, add passed through the press garlic. Add the sauce and stir.

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Tomatoes cut into slices. Take a pancake to the middle of the pancake spread the tomato.

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Put on top of a salad formed from the damn bag and tying Jill cheese and green onions.