Pancake terrine "Sunflower"

129 - 120 минут 6 порции

Offer to make a simply stunning dessert - pancake terrine in the shape of a flower of a sunflower. The terrine turns out not only delicious, but also beautiful, even festive! Fans of poppy-seed filling will appreciate this option. Plus, there are the stuffing and orange notes. I have, in such a case, always keep candied orange, so we've just cut into strips. Ah, Yes, the pumpkin! It is not only in the role of the design of the dessert. Pumpkin is also good as it become caramelizing and, of course, gives charm to the whole dessert. In General, if you like this version, let's get started!

for New Yearfor Easterfor 8th of Marchfor birthdayfor Christmasfor 23rd of Februaryfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Pancake terrine "Sunflower"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancake terrine "Sunflower"

Шаг 1

For cheese curds to knead the small curd.

Шаг 2

Cookies and nuts to grind into crumbs.

Шаг 3

All the ingredients add in a bowl the cottage cheese. And thoroughly knead the mass so that it became homogeneous.

Шаг 4

From the curd mass roll into balls the size of a small walnut. Roll in poppy seeds or crushed nuts. Remove in the cold for freezing.

Шаг 5

For the filling poppy pour the milk and put on fire. After boiling, the weight reduce on a medium heat and boil to milk almost vyparilas. Add the powdered sugar and again boil until the Mac thickens. Ready Mac cool.
Candied orange remove from the syrup and cut into strips.

Шаг 6

Now for the pancakes. Mix in a bowl of warm whey, pumpkin puree, salt, sugar, soda and eggs. Add the sifted flour.

Шаг 7

Lower the blender into the bowl and stir the batter until smooth.
Then add the vegetable oil "Oleyna" and stir.

Шаг 8

In a pan, bake pancakes.

Шаг 9

Pancakes to stuff the filling: first, lay out a spoonful of Mac and distribute it across the width of a pancake. And Mac put a few strips of candied orange. Screw the pancakes into a tube.

Шаг 10

Now for the caramelized pumpkin. Pumpkin peel and cut into slices 4 mm thick.

Шаг 11

Fry the plates in vegetable oil "Oleina". First one side, then the other, sprinkle the pumpkin with sugar.

Шаг 12

Ready pumpkin plates to put in the form (d = 20 cm) with a hole.

Шаг 13

Then put on top of the pumpkin pancake rolls, greasing them with yolk mixed with a couple tablespoons of sugar.

Шаг 14

Fill out the form to the top and put bake in a preheated oven to 200 deg. 15 - 20 minutes.

Шаг 15

The finished pie to turn on a serving dish. Cool. Center casseroles to decorate the cheese balls. Nice!