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Salad "Ministerial" no onions

Salad "Ministerial" no onions

Classical Ministerial salad, but... unusual sauce and grilled chicken will make it unusual and very interesting! Indifferent to this salad never left))) of course, you Can add onions, but it is not for everybody.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Salad "Ministerial" no onions

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salad "Ministerial" no onions

Step 1

Chicken fillet slightly repel, salt and pepper, RUB spices for chicken and fry in a pan with a little vegetable oil until tender. Even if the Breasts get too dry - not terrible, the sauce will fix it)

Step 2

Next in line is the mushrooms. I use these mushrooms in a jar. But much tastier fresh.
Drain and slightly press them

Step 3

Fry the mushrooms in a pan with a little oil, on top you can add spices for chicken. And also set aside until aside.

Step 4

Most delicious. Collect salad. Cut pancakes into strips, add the chicken ( separated into fibres or cut coarsely/finely - optional) and last go salad mushrooms

Step 5

And the highlight of the salad sauce!
Mix mayonnaise and juice of half an orange, add spices to chicken and mix well all.

Step 6

Dressed salad!
Bon appetit!

Step 7

So, start with egg pancakes. Heat the pan. But in the meantime whisk eggs with milk. Add a pinch of salt