Cheesecakes "Sunday"

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Offer its own version of cheesecakes, the best way to start a Sunday morning!!! Cheesecakes turn out tender and juicy!!!

Ingredients for Cheesecakes "Sunday"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheesecakes "Sunday"

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Mix cottage cheese, 1 egg, 1 tbsp sugar, 4 tbsp flour, the dough turns out a little sticky

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Hands to moisten with water, roll into balls, roll in remaining flour

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Balls slightly to flatten

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Beat egg with a fork, dip each cheesecake and send it immediately to the frying pan

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Fry in butter over low heat to done inside

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Put the cheesecakes on a plate and very important point: the hot cheese cakes to grease with sour cream and sprinkle with sugar

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Vkusnota! Yum!