Steam rolls with wood mushrooms

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Ingredients for Steam rolls with wood mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Steam rolls with wood mushrooms

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Soak the mushrooms in warm water (about 40 degrees) for 1 hour. Rinse in running water. Cover with cold water and refrigerate for a few hours (overnight). This is the correct way to repair dry mushrooms, but the Chinese often just keep an hour in warm water, rinsed and cooked immediately. In any case, you cannot fill these mushrooms with boiling water. They lose their crispy texture.

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Soak yeast in warm water. Cereal and flour knead a soft dough, place in a warm place until the dough has increased in size twice.

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Mushrooms finely chop, add green onion, salt

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Roll out the dough, put the stuffing

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Roll roll and cut into pieces

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Steam for 15 minutes. Serve the best hot