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The sauce and the salad of squid and shrimp

The sauce and the salad of squid and shrimp

Dear cooks, I suggest to try a delicious salad of squid and shrimp, which when whipped in a blender turns into a delicious sauce for pancakes ;)

Cooking time 15 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for The sauce and the salad of squid and shrimp

Step-by-step instruction of cooking The sauce and the salad of squid and shrimp

Step 1

Knead the dough and bake pancakes.
On a wonderful vegetable oil Oleina.
This process is described by me among my recipes:
http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/100 957/
Cook hard-boiled egg, separate the white from the yolk.
Squid clean from the skin and cut into small pieces.
Calamari and shrimp warmed in clarified butter on high heat for a minute or two, just to prisolit, add a pinch of sugar. To shift in a salad bowl without oil.

Step 2

In the same oil fry the onions until transparent, salt. To the onion add Tabasco sauce, mix well. Add the garlic, stir and immediately remove from heat.
Bow to shift into a salad bowl to the squid.
Protein checked hard boiled eggs cut into small pieces and add to salad.

Step 3

The yolk of hard-boiled eggs RUB on a small grater. Cream much heat to boiling and add the grated yolk.
Mix everything thoroughly, remove from heat and strain through a strainer to obtain a homogeneous sauce.

Step 4

This sauce pour the salad, mix, if necessary podsalvage.

Step 5

Part of a salad grind in a blender and get a delicious sauce for our pancakes.

Step 6

Pleasant the appetite and Fun of the Carnival :)