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Pancakes with chocolate spread and nuts

Pancakes with chocolate spread and nuts

Carnival is approaching and it's time to please loved ones with pancakes and other tasty treats. I want to share with you the recipe of very tasty, thin and creamy nut pancakes and chocolate spread!

Cooking time 90 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Pancakes with chocolate spread and nuts

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes with chocolate spread and nuts

Step 1

To start, mix the eggs and sugar. Can mix in blender or by hand whisk.

Step 2

Next add flour, cocoa and a pinch of vanilla sugar to taste and smell.

Step 3

Dark chocolate (must have composed more than 70% cocoa), grated. Grind nuts (I decided to go on experiment and to take the peanuts) in a blender or with rolling pin. Added to the mass.

Step 4

The last step is to milk. Pour in and mix well (you can beat with a mixer).

Step 5

Put the mass on a small fire and, stirring constantly and intensively brought until thick (boil for a long time, have patience). After the mass thickens, put it on the balcony and this time make pancakes.

Step 6

In a blender or with a mixer the eggs, salt and sugar (so the weight is lightened).

Step 7

Add milk and flour and mix thoroughly. Further, vegetable oil and a pinch of vanilla sugar to taste and smell. Beat with a mixer. I decided to go for a science experiment and added a bit of boiling water (say, the pancakes will be delicate and thin). Skip the ground for 15-25 minutes.

Step 8

Pour pre-heated pan with vegetable oil and fry the pancakes (as usual you fry until Golden brown).

Step 9

The most interesting stage of cooking pancakes - stuffed with Nutella. Grease liberally a half of our pancake chocolate on top I sprinkle still izmelchenye walnuts.

Step 10

Turn the pancake into a triangle.

Step 11

The experiments were successful! Pancakes was so impressed the parents that are asked to make more. The other pancakes we also poured sour cream (bottom picture - the original pancakes). You can use jam, condensed milk, jam, etc. Bon appétit!