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Pancakes on culese grandma recipe

Pancakes on culese grandma recipe

And the pancakes my grandmother was notable: a smooth, yellow, aromatic, smooth surface and lots of holes... Everyone who tried it was delighted... And she shyly said: "Yeah, well it Kulesza"... for a Long time I was looking for grandma's recipe, finally found it... Cooking them in the evening, in the morning for Breakfast baking. I slightly adapted the technology of cooking, leaving the same ingredients. Try!!!

Cooking time- Number of servings12

Ingredients for Pancakes on culese grandma recipe

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancakes on culese grandma recipe

Step 1

Millet, pour hot water and cook gruel (until soft millet). Of course, I understand that Kulesh called dish of Ukrainian cuisine, which is based on millet, but in the area where my grandmother lived, Kulesh called millet boiled in milk, water or broth.

Step 2

Semolina pour 1.25 cups of warm milk.

Step 3

In the semolina mixture, add 1 egg, vegetable oil, salt, sugar.

Step 4

Combine the semolina mixture with the Kulesh.

Step 5

In 1/4 Cup of warm milk dissolve the yeast and pour in the gruel.

Step 6

Gradually add the sifted flour, kneading dough is something between pancakes and pies. At this point, the grandmother left the dough until morning. I heated the oven to 60 deg. and to put the covered dough.

Step 7

After the dough has increased in size by 2-3 times, dilute it with 2 cups of warm milk.

Step 8

Beat the egg, send in the dough, and vinegar gashenuyu soda. Mix well. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then make pancakes.

Step 9

Then bake your pancakes. From above to grease with melted butter.