Pancakes stuffed with young peas

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Good day! For lovers of delicate flavours and the wonderful polka dot pancakes with a creamy filling. Inspired recipe Gordon Ramsay ;)

Ingredients for Pancakes stuffed with young peas

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes stuffed with young peas

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The first thing we need to boil the peas and grate the cheese.
If gorosei fresh, it needs a little blanch for 3-5 minutes in salted water, and frozen cook about 15 minutes.
RUB cheese with a vegetable peeler.

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While cooking the peas, prepare the dough for pancakes.
Whisk eggs with a pinch of salt, sugar and flour until the consistency of thick cream, add a tablespoon of oil and milk, stir well.

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Leave the dough to rest, make pea puree.
This requires a blender grind the boiled peas with cottage cheese, a spoon of sunflower oil Oleina and a pinch of pepper.

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In a hot pan, greasing it with sunflower oil and bake the pancakes with a small diameter. I got 10 PCs.

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For each pancake put 1-2 tbsp of pea puree, a few balls of mozzarella, a little grated cheese and turn the pancakes.